How to win at the casino: strategies that work.

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According to the American Gaming Association, today in casinos and on gambling sites, 74% of players prefer slot machines, 14% choose card games, 7% pick Craps and only 5% Like Roulette. Naturally, all gamblers want to become winners.

However, those, who know how to win at the casino and probably, even get a jackpot, know about the “loser’s rules”. Here, one who comes to make money to a casino loses always. If you go to the gambling resource for this purpose — you have already lost! Visit a casino for excitement. Be ready to spend the money that you do not mind to lose in case you fail.

Gaming clubs offer a large number of different games that look simple, and they can be great to entertain the players. Depending on the skills, interest in gambling, you can choose the game to your liking. The bets amounts are also very different — from a few cents to tens of thousands of dollars. Those, who start with a cent and get prizes, know some tips of how to win at the casino with little money.

How to win at the casino — strategies that always work

Regardless of the game, your experience, other nuances, remember one important fact: while you play according to the rules of the casino, you cannot win. A casino is a kind of conveyor that transfers money from player to owner. In the US, even casinos owned by the government exist.

But how to win at the casino, which odds to get a prize are real? Everything depends on the game you choose. For instance, in Roulette and Craps, you have fewer chances to win. In slots and cards games, the probability of your victory is higher. Your initial strategy is NOT to start with the games with low winning chances.

Blackjack game — how to win?

Blackjack is the only casino game in which the chance of winning can vary greatly depending on the player’s skills. When using the basic strategy of playing blackjack and counting cards, the chance to win reaches 50%. But if you wish to learn how to win big at the casino when you pick BJ, you must know some strategies. Even a simple counting of cards gives the player advantage at about 1%.

However, the system works only when playing in the live casino and in a real gambling club. In BJ slots, a random number generator is responsible for the loss of a particular card.

Win in Craps — is it possible?

A lot of Craps players are eager to find out how to win at the casino, as it seems sometimes impossible. The game may seem simple — its participants take turns choosing two dice and throw them on the playing field. If the dice show 7 or 11, the player wins. When 2, 3 or 12 falls, they lose. If the result is different, the player (he is a shooter) continues to roll the dice until the same result falls out (then, he wins).

While one person plays, others bet on them and are also considered players. Experienced players suppose that you can win in Craps if you choose the safest bets — Pass Line.

Winning in slots

Slot machines attract most people to the casino. The undoubted advantage of the machine is a small initial rate. The total amount of winnings is regulated by the owner with the help of the program incorporated into the gaming machine, and today it averages from 82 to 94% of the money.

Slots bring casinos the greatest income simply because 15% of the money is automatically transferred to the cashier of the gambling resource. True, the player here has more chances to win than in Roulette or Poker. But how to win at the casino slot machines?

Tips to win in slots

Gamblers, who answer the questions about how to win money at the casino slot machines, should remember the following tips:

  • Always choose reliable licensed casinos;
  • Wishing to learn how to win at a casino, choose slots developed by famous providers;
  • Check RTP, which must be at least 95-96%;
  • Check the frequency of Bonus games in the slots;
  • If you win much, do not risk more and leave the casino.

According to the American Gaming Association, the Internet covers up to 50% of the turnover of the global gambling business. The number of network players has already exceeded 550 million. Many are attracted by the opportunity to experience the pleasure of playing, and even to earn without leaving home.

However, most beginners lose. Therefore, start with the most profitable types of games: those, who need to know how to win at the casino, should pick Blackjack and slots with high RTP.